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What is needed for the water park gold season?

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What is needed for the water park gold season?

Every holiday is the peak period of the water park. As the weather is getting hotter, for some of the operators of the first time the water park, due to the lack of experience, they can't be calm and quiet when they are in the off-season, and all kinds in the peak season Hand is busy, such a state is very disadvantageous for the operation of the water park. Here, you will introduce some of the preparations for some water park equipment to do, helping everyone to actively actively fight the business of the water park. So, what are the preparations of the operator needs?

This article contains the following:

1, increase the number of hygiene cleaning

2, make sure all play equipment is working properly

3, do a good job in fire safety inspection

4, whether the staff is enough

5, ensure that heating equipment can be used normally

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First, increase the number of hygienic cleaning

With the arrival of the New Year, there will be a lot of tourists in the water park, and the probability of playing equipment and the environment will increase. If it is still in accordance with the number of clean numbers, it is naturally unable to keep the environment in the pool. In this way, not only affects the play experience of tourists, but also leave a bad impression on tourists, causing the loss of customers.

Therefore, in the peak season, the water park should increase the intensity and number of times of health and clean, to meet the arrival of tourists with a clean and tidy environment, and establish a good brand image for the water park.

Second, ensure the normal operation of all play equipment

In the golden seasons of the water park, several tourists play a waterful player equipment and there are many ways to bring overload operations of the play equipment. Usually insignificant components loose or connecting parts rust, etc., under the operation of overload, it is easy to cause equipment failure or damage, resulting in a safety incident. Therefore, operators must completely repair all play equipment, replace damaged amusement equipment and components in time, and ensure that amusement equipment is firm, firm, running normally to ensure the safety of water amusement.

Third, do a good job in fire safety inspection

More and more tourists will choose the water park to play, so the fire protection of water equipment must be done well.

1. The water park equipment should be actively recorded to the local fire department before installation. The fire passage should be reserved when installing, equipped with fire extinguishing equipment, and often checks its availability.

2. Water equipment should improve fire awareness during operation, and conditions allow for daily safety records.

3. Water equipment should close all power switches at the end of the day, so as not to cause a fire to suddenly short circuit caused fire. The safety of the water park equipment cannot be ignored. The relevant departments should step up his supervision and control work, do a good job in fire safety, and ensure that tourists are really safe to provide them with certain security.

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Fourth, whether the staff is enough

During the golden garden of the water park, the passenger flow will increase in a lot of passenger traffic, which requires a sufficient number of staff members that do not do so. In addition to ensuring a sufficient number of staff, the staff should also train. The trained staff can not only take advantage of various sudden accidents in the water park, but also bring to visitors. This has an important role in the establishment of a good reputation and maintaining customer loyalty.

5. Ensuring that heating equipment can be used normally

The New Year has just passed, and the outdoor is also warm, which is also the main reason for tourists to choose the indoor water park. Operators must ensure the normal use of heating equipment, providing tourists with a warm and comfortable play environment, leaving a good impression to visitors.

The opportunity is always a woman preparing to be prepared. Water Park wants to be busy, not only depends on the superior location, fun and interesting play equipment and the market's market, it also depends on the use of the water park operators. If you care, business is coming!

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