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What is needed to build a water park?

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What is needed to build a water park?

With the sustainable development of my country's economy, people have changed significantly on the concept of tourism. More and more people are tired of sightseeing tourism, starting to travel with leisure, relaxation and entertainment. Especially in the hot summer, the water park is a good place to come. At present, the water park is a popular investment. So what do you need to understand before building a water park?

This article contains the following:
1. Construction area

2. Market survey

3, pick equipment

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First, build area

As an outdoor large water park, as long as you have a venue, there is enough funds, you can find a professional person to plan design water park, it is not fixed, hundreds of square, thousands square, tens of thousands Pingfang can be built, of course, the larger the venue, the water park equipment placed, and can attract tourists, design a reasonable water park on the area.

Second, the market research

The water park project can be done, but also the market decision, that is, investment in the water park project should be carried out on a comprehensive understanding of the target customer group, consumption characteristics, consumer model, investment characteristics. Understand the per capita consumption level of local residents and understand the concept of local people.

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Third, picking equipment

When purchasing water play equipment, you should choose the right manufacturer. At present, the manufacturer of domestic water park equipment manufacturing production licenses has different numbers, and its production capacity, design capacity and manufacturing process are also different. The safety of the water park equipment is always in the first place. As a special facility, you must pass the qualification certification of the national authorities.

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