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What is the advantage of outdoor landscape slides?

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What is the advantage of outdoor landscape slides?

Before you understand the advantages of the landscape slide customization, you should first understand what is a landscape slide. Outdoor landscape slide play equipment is a novel and innovative outdoor sports play project, which meets the installation of some irregular venues. So in order to reduce such limitations, some manufacturers deliberately develop butterflies, elephants, lions, sharks, plum deer and pirate boats, fighters, robots, letters such as animals. Slide.

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Site advantage

In general, the landscape slide equipment is a new theme children's paradise in the park, playground, resort and other places. This kind of play is more functional, and it can also be viewed as a landscape shape, and a variety of wonderful concept styles have made the landscape slide a visual feast. It is not only a year from the child for the play equipment project, and it can be fused with the entire garden. The reason why the landscape play equipment slide project is more welcomed by children because the color is more bright and attracts more children.

Material advantage

The landscape slide is for children to identify all kinds of animals, plants' amusement equipment, and also collectively gathered the hole, climbing, slipping and other natural design, as well as the landscape ornamental, intelligent development as an outdoor children's amusement park. A 304 stainless steel plate is used in the flat surface of the slide, a thickness of 4 mm, and the slider is divided into mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel. The use effect in the two degrees has a certain difference, and the brightness of the mirror stainless steel is better, but the stainless steel surface after the brushed treatment has a high quality of light brightness.

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Function advantage

Most of the equipment in the play industry can only provide children an outdoor play experience. However, there is only a small amusement device that is only available, rather than standard landscape combination slides are combined with viewability and play, and create an excellent outdoor play equipment.

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