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What is the advantage of the outdoor ecological combination slide?

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What is the advantage of the outdoor ecological combination slide?

Outdoor large-scale ecological combination slides relatively traditional small combined slides, more popular, the use of years and the effect of use will be longer. Since large combination slides are not single to a monomer slide project, but combined with more play experience selection, such as hanging high, crawling, swing, etc., these combined slides are full of freshness for children. Sense, the children will be more enthusiastic. Coupled with the theme of outdoor combination slides can be customized, becoming new pets. Among the many combination slides, the ecological combination slide is more popular because of environmentally friendly, and the functions are more popular. The next small series introduces the advantages of outdoor ecological combination slides.

This article contains the following:

1. There are many functions, less queuing time

2. Dissipings, safe and beautiful

3. Outdoor environment, full space

4. Environmentally friendly, anti-aging

Wooden ecological series combination slide main map 4

First, more functions, less queuing time

The floor area of ​​the large-scale ecological combination slide will generally cover up to 50 square meters, so the functions covered are very much, unlike a small slide only monomer equipment. If the number of children needs to queue, let the children play the enthusiasm of playing. The large combination slide in the park can play different equipment so that children can also be reasonably allocated.

Second, the fastener connection, safe and beautiful

The large-scale combination slides are connected by fasteners. There is no sharp protrusions on the surface, and the color of the fasteners and main colors are harmonious. It is not easy to fade, and it also has wear-resistant, aging, structural, structural, and so on. . This is also safe for children, reducing the risk of accidentally scratching during playing.

Third, the outdoor environment is good, the space is sufficient

Outdoor combination slides have a significant advantage that children don't have to stay in the indoor environment all day, they can completely breathe fresh air, and they also exercise their body, compared to the interior playground is wider, bacteria more few. When the weather is better, bring the children to play slides, and sun dry the sun to enhance the body's face. Children will also like nature, close to nature.

Wooden ecological series combination slide main map 7

Fourth, environmentally friendly, anti-aging

The final point of the outdoor ecological combination slide is that the use of materials is more secure. The ecological combination slides produced by our company use imported solid wood, which is very strong, and simultaneously makes the appearance make the appearance more beautiful. And other common materials, stainless steel, solid wood ecological material is more environmentally friendly.

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