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What is the advantages and disadvantages of the Outdoor Children's Park? What factors affect?

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What is the advantages and disadvantages of the Outdoor Children's Park? What factors affect?

Many investor friends pay attention to the prosperity of the children's industry, they want to let go. But the manufacturer of a senior outdoor children's playground, you must tell you that in fact, no matter what industry has your own risk poppy, just like the Outdoor Children's Paradise, its advantages and disadvantages are coexisting. Need to see how you look at the whole problem.

Outdoor Children's Park is prone to tact, the rent is cheap, the inlet, the development of the market is all advantages, but the disadvantage is also, for example, the security problem, affected by seasonal factors, the level of expertise, etc. However, which factors have been affected by these advantages and disadvantages? Take a look!

This article contains the following

1, seasonal transformation factor

2, time factors affect

3, the fun factor of venue play equipment

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + angel blue cat series LT-HT014 (1)

First, seasonal transformation factors

Through the professional analysis of the music map market, the number of tourists in the children's playground is actually a certain trend change. For example, the number of tourists in the spring and autumn, while the number of tourists in the winter is reduced. Usually the reason is that the temperature in the summer is relatively high, the peak season for the play, and is in the holiday stage, and there are many parents to play with children. Winter weather is relatively cold, and people who play outdoors are relatively small, so seasonal is typical is typical characteristics of children's outdoor amusement parks.

Second, the effect of time factors

Xiaobian took a day to take a day as an example. The time of children in different ages is obviously different. For example, the aged child is acting in the daytime, in the evening, former school children go home. . Every year, the full tourists of the outdoor amusement park must be concentrated in holidays and cold summer vacations.

Third, the fun factor of the venue play equipment

Children like some interesting amusement equipment, and they want to attract eyeballs to children, they must focus on shape, color, function, and fun. In such a vibrant and fun, you will appreciate the happiness of the children.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctors + slide + angel blue cat series LT-HT015 (3)

Future outdoor children's play equipment will pay more attention to children and other user experiences, more diverse themes, and the settings of fresh gameplay, integrate into large-scale park project structures, innovation, trend, and fashionable development trends. . At the same time, the outdoor children's play equipment market With the demand of the large environment, the overall social consumption level improves the speed, and the development of various national grung will also be injected into the Children's Paradise, will have a trendy equipment. Combined theme amusement equipment.

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