What is the benefit of playing a trampoline? Outdoor unusual play equipment introduction

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What is the benefit of playing a trampoline? Outdoor unusual play equipment introduction

What is the benefit of children playing on the trampoline? Love love is a child's nature. Over time, hopping, jumping rubber bands are not popular, but the children like jumping have not disappeared, but because of the emergence of trampolines, it is carried forward. Studies have shown that there is a great help to play this seemingly simple activity of the trampoline. So what is the benefit of children playing on the trampoline? So what do you need to pay attention to when you buy these trampolines?

This article contains the following:

1, help long

2. Assist in exercise children's limbs and increase muscle gas

3, strengthen the heart and lung function

4, help digestion

5. Promote the development of the system

6, prevention

7, progressive child intelligence

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First, help long

Trampoline activities can strengthen the role of various organs of children's body, so that children are strengthened. At the same time, trampoline activity is infected with mechanical equipment for bones, promoting skeletal absorption of calcium, accelerating bone growth, helping children's long children. Trampoline manufacturers must check the brand's economic strength, scale, market performance and other follow-up support and services.

Second, assist in the limbs of children, delete muscle gas

A series of conditions in the trampoline reflection, making the child through tactile and muscle training, establishing contact in the brain center, making the child's movement, exercise the child's hips, shoulders, back, legs, waist, etc. Part, enhance muscle strength.

Third, strengthen heart and lung function

Promote children's cardiopulmonary function, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, enhance myocardium, and enhance shrinkage. Children are in the trampoline exercise, strengthen the respiratory functionality, and have a good information to avoid the common diseases of the respiratory tract.

Fourth, help digestion

Trampoline activities can enable children's gastrointestinal digestion, increase loss, nutrient absorption is complete, so that children are better. Anorexia, children who refuse to eat more needs.

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V. Promote the development of the system

The game action on various trampolines can make the child from the orderless action, gradually constitute and carry out differentiated, objective, coordinated movements, which is the excellent conditioning. They experience the happiness brought by changes in the game, and there is only one life and promote the development of hand movements.

Sixth, prevention

Whether the child is stopping the trampoline activity outdoors, and it is also under the bathing of daylight, air and water. It can gradually ban, the mucosa of the skin and the respiratory tract is inexhaustible, strengthening its tolerance. .

Seven, progressive children intelligence

Playing the bounce in the process of playing the brain in the initial start and relaxation, people's imagination from all kinds of thinking, become more active, more lively, through strengthening cardio-brain function, accelerate blood circulation, make your brain more Oxygen and nutrition, thereby achieving improving intelligence. During the summer period, special quality and safety checks were conducted on the amusement equipment of all major parks and tourist attractions in our city.

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