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What is the benefits of non-standard amusement equipment?

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What is the benefits of non-standard amusement equipment?

Now the investor wants to choose a more interested amusement equipment, only need manufacturers to give their products, or to explain to the manufacturer's custom requirements to design the effect in one week. The current manufacturer is sufficient for equipment, but it is more efficient, but only one thing to make equipment suppliers take time to design, that is, non-standard playing equipment. Non-standardized amusement facilities have a greater way to play space, novel and unique, functional, become a regional characteristic project.

Today, what is the benefits of Xiaobian and how do you talk non-standard?

This article contains the following

Differently stimulated

2. Development of group gaming

3. Decoration is more innovative

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First, diverse to play

Non-standard outdoor children's play equipment is a full range of rides, such as slide, climbing, trampoline, handwood bridge, etc. What is the benefits of watching the play equipment? There have been many manufacturers to achieve composite amusement equipment, because whether it is the difficulty of construction or the complexity of the design, it is very challenging, and the combination of equipment is used to reach dozens of fresh games, which is to let players. A more interesting and exciting project.

Second, the development of groupual games

Now still have a lot of old parks in the old park, which will give people a visual, aesthetic fatigue, and resist. It is also because the amusement park uses this way, and the encharge park cannot be running normally. What is the benefit of non-standard playback amusement equipment? If you use non-standard hammer, you can synthesize in additional group games, and you can design new game methods according to the properties of the device. Overall, that is, non-standardized composite play equipment is more group, and the operating space is wider.

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Third, decoration is more innovative

In the entire design of the previous children's play equipment, in addition to the color requirements of the external painting, there is little custom requirement, and each device is very small, there is no feature. But now the non-standard custom playing equipment can pass through 360 degrees of painting, decorative design, more bold on the color. More importantly, the entire context will exist in the form of theme, pattern, and hit will be more attractive.

Non-standard custom amusement equipmentWhat is the benefit? Perhaps in the future development, non-standard custom products will occupy the mainstream position in the play industry, and the wide space of its development is even more infinite, and is one of the equipment that constantly upgrades innovation under consumer demand.


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