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What is the characteristic of music map play portfolio outdoors?

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What is the characteristic of music map play portfolio outdoors?

For children, this world is full of unknown, they want to know about this new world, and children's combination amusement equipment is an indispensable toy in the growth process, accompanied by children throughout the childhood. At the same time, the slide is also a children's play facility that is not greasy. It can see the slide figure in any place, and the slide can bring unlimited fun. Then why there is such a phenomenon, what is the characteristics of a combination slide equipment?

1. Equivalent to children's character psychology

In general, children who are relatively small, they are playing with parents or kindergarten teachers, and children will have recognized mentality, praise as children who are indispensable, and a simple success is available. Give your children more praise and praise, let the child feel that I can be. In general, the gathering places of the playground will be better to cultivate the children's social and communication skills, so that children are more active.

Non-standard custom + slide + outdoor play

2. Slide appearance shape theme

Slide is a certain topic in design, and there is a must, and different shapes or colors can bring different new adhesion to children. In fact, different styles can stimulate children. Imagination and creativity for things. The sensitivity of different materials of different materials will also be different.

Generally speaking, children like to play slides. Whether there will be topics in the park, the community, etc., the material choice of the slide is generally environmentally friendly, safe, so that the children will feel the fun of the fun.

3. Introduction of outdoor children combined slides

Slides belong to a comprehensive type of sports, through climbing, a series of activities of slides. When the children are playing slides, they must have strong willpower and confidence. When the children fall from the top of the slide to the bottom, they can enjoy the continuous joy of success.

Non-standard custom + slide + outdoor play 3

Slide as a kind of child sports leisure activity, common applicable scope in kindergarten or children's playground, children aged 3 to 6 prefer this kind of toy. In addition, there will be different special use slides, such as a life-saving slide reported for some time.

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