What is the characteristics of outdoor stainless steel slides? What do you need to pay attention to when buying?

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What is the characteristics of outdoor stainless steel slides? What do you need to pay attention to when buying?

Slide is a historic recreational facility. From the past wooden slide, to the current plastics and stainless steel slides, with generations of generations of generations. Today we have to talk about outdoor stainless steel slides. What is the characteristic of outdoor stainless steel slides? What should I pay attention to when purchasing? Let you analyze the outdoor stainless steel slide in detail below.The advantages

1,Outdoor stainless steel slidespecialty

2,Outdoor stainless steel slideMaterial

3,How to judge how the outdoor stainless steel slide?

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one,Outdoor stainless steel slidespecialty

Stainless steel slides are a relatively new amusement equipment. At present, the topics on the market are basically plastic materials, horing, mold making. However, large-scale production leads to the size and shape of the slide, and cannot meet the installation of some irregular places. Stainless steel rides just jump out of this limit. In the application, stainless steel slides can be divided into indoor stainless steel slide and outdoor stainless steel slide.

two,Outdoor stainless steel slideMaterial

Outdoor stainless steel slides in use, compared with ordinary materials, stainless steel is more environmentally friendly, with corrosion resistance, smooth and smooth advantages. Especially for parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping centers, office buildings, resorts and other complex terrain. The custom stainless steel slides can be adapted to the installation and commissioning of various venues, and customize various ramps. Today, in the pursuit of differentiation and innovation, it not only meets your own design inspiration, but also reflects all kinds of whitewashes through stainless steel slide, and is sought after by children and parents.

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three,How to judge how the outdoor stainless steel slide?

1.Whether the design is reasonable

Whether the design is reasonableoutdoorThe purpose of the stainless steel slide is to give your child. If the design is unreasonable, the child is easily injured. So when I bought it, I must consider whether I meet the standards of the child climbing, whether the durability meets the standard, whether the material is quality.

2. No safety hazard

If you don't pay attention to danger, your parents and teachers should consider this. Stainless steel slide outdoorsMakeIn the process, any sharp part must be hidden, such as screws, may score the child's clothes and skin, so that the child is injured. Therefore, they must be covered well. Parents can also pay attention to these small details when they observe, see if there is no screws in the binding part of the stainless steel slide.

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