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What is the cost of opening a children's playground? How much is it?

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What is the cost of opening a children's playground? How much is it?

In recent years, the development momentum of the children's play industry is very obvious, and many investors want to invest in a children's playground under the right time. There are two ways to open the game, one is self-employed, it is to find the device, find a venue, everything is running from zero; another is to join a children's play brand, you can package product pack management. Because the joining a play brand is obviously the advantages of autonomous operation, you can bring greater advantages to investors, so more investors will also choose to join. So, how is the cost of opening a children's playground? How much does it take?

This article contains the following

1 Franchise fee

2 venue rent

3 equipment cost

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First, join fees

Join a children's play brand, you first need to know if this brand needs to be charged, and some brands are charged according to the size of the site. For example, 400 yuan / square meter franchise fee plus post-management, etc. Collect the franchise fee. Here, it is also important to suggest that investors choose to choose their own investment cost budget when choosing a brand, so that the relevant expenditure budget can be done for later operations.

Second, venue rent

The site selection of the children's playground is very important. It is necessary to strictly take into account local people's intensity, and will of course have sufficient advantages in places where people's traffic is relatively large, and profitable profits are higher. Common selection venues in the shopping center, supermarket. After determining the good venue, it is necessary to negotiate with the landlord. The area of ​​the children's playground can be large, but it is recommended to be best in 200 to 500 square meters, and different cities and different segments charges are not uniform. Everyone can be based on the local economic development, such as the rent price of the second and third tier cities 50 to 80 yuan / square meter.

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Third, equipment costs

The spending of a large part of the children's playground is on amusement equipment, and the play products configured by the playground are based on the programs given by the manufacturer. The widespread the equipment shown in the design, the price is higher, and if it is saved to save costs, it will lead to a poor price of the price, and will lead to the competitiveness of the children's playground in the market, and the benefits will also decline. Therefore, the music map recommends that investors have weathened as much as possible and purchases equipment with product quality assurance when purchasing equipment.

The above is the calculation method of the child playground to join the child playground, as well as the cost introduction of investment. In fact, there will be some other expenses, such as employee wages and water and electricity. Investors can draw a specific plan according to their own investment direction.

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