What is the design element of the kindergarten slide design? Some points

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What is the design element of the kindergarten slide design? Some points

Kindergarten slides, can be said to be a large toy that children prefer. In the small comprehension, a grandmother showed a slide because of a grandmother, a grandmother, was deliberately gave him a slide. Many viewers before the TV set, I saw it straightforward. In fact, it is mainly because of its cost-effective, and you are very popular among children. After all, children can say that there is no immune. Of course, the main user of this toy is a child, and natural requirements are also coming.

Combination slide + children's play equipment + small doctors + Great Wall (14)

Kindergarten slideWhat is the design element? Some points

In fact, everyone knows that every child is born, the family can be different, and each personality is also very different. It is said that \"\" Daughter's heart, seawatch needle \", in fact, this is also quite suitable for children. It is undoubtedly this also gives designers, especially about design elements, naturally need to be concerned about side. Basically, their usage needs, let them play happy

First, avoid security hazards. When children are playing, consider considering some dangerous factors in advance, try to avoid them to touch the head, hands and feet. Some places can be appropriate, so that the safety factor can also improve a lot. After all, the children are now relatively petty, and some dangers have no way to overcome.

Second, some parts, when using equipment such as swing, shake music, to care about their security. Like the performance of the rope, nature is good, concerned about their buffering performance. Don't be too tight, it will be broken.

Third, the location like screws, it is necessary to grind it in time. This way to avoid hanging into the child's clothes, causing injury. Of course, some places, if you can't deal with it, you can cover it directly.

Fourth, it is necessary to choose a material that is relatively high, so safety is relatively high.

5. Some parts on the slide must design the guardrail, especially the edge position. This is also because of the safety perspective, after all, no one will expect what will happen next.

Sixth, you must prepare safe electron in time. This is afraid that the child falls, the parents don't have to be too afraid. At the very least, it will not be too much harm, and it is also a safe guarantee.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide 28

What is the design element of the kindergarten slide design? Some points

Of course, there are a lot of design elements of the slide, everyone should think about it when designing.

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