What is the design principle of stainless steel slides?

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What is the design principle of stainless steel slides?

The current stainless steel equipment has become mainstream, and it is widely welcomed by users in the market. Although it belongs to the slide equipment, it should now be understood as an integrated sports space. Because it is not only a slide such as a slide, there will be many other play games into it. It is usually used in kindergarten or a playground, and now there will be even places in high-end communities or hospitals, and the appeal of this device is fully played. When designing this device, what is the specific to the user's needs and market conditions?

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Stainless steel slideWhat is the design principle?

First, the size is in line with ergonomics

When designing equipment, you should clarify your own suitable population, usually 3 to 6 children. So the size of the device must meet the size of the children, so that they can be more unimpeded in the process of entertainment. In addition, the material used by the equipment is generally wood or stainless steel, which ensures smooth surface, and it looks very beautiful. As for the angle of the slide, it is generally 70 degrees, such an angle can make the child feel stimulating interest, and can guarantee the friction deceleration during landing.

Second, understand the end of the equipment

Because the current devices are relatively large, multiple children can be entertaining at the same time. This requires a full consideration of her toilet and buffering situation when the equipment is designed, and the armrests on both sides of the equipment slide have been guardrail, whether it is suitable, can provide a wide play environment to the child, but also to take into account their security. External protective conditions required anti-fall rubber pads placed in the slide below the device, so even if a child accidentally fell to the ground, can play a very good cushioning effect, to further protect children's safety.

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What is the design principle of stainless steel slides?

Overall, the device design process not only to consider the child's entertainment abundant, but also for more consideration from safety. Especially this one slide buffer, cushioning properties required angle above and do a reasonable enough, so as to prevent a child were injured in the slide above. Also focus is the high position of the fence and space, but also need to be considered in the design. Because space is too crowded when more easy for children to danger, conflict can easily occur in the entertainment process.

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