What is the difference between indoor and outdoor water parks?

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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor water parks?

Want to do a good job in the planning and design of the Child Water Park, you must first understand the water amusement park. At present, the water amusement park is divided into indoor and outdoor water amusement parks, and there are advantages. The emergence of children's indoor water tour meets every season of winter and summer, the needs of children's group travel, children's outdoor water playground projects are now more and more rich, diverse, funity, and surrounding facilities are also more complete. ! What are the differences in the children's indoor water amusement park and children's outdoor water amusement park?

This article contains the following

1. Different from the selection of equipment

2, the different construction cycle

3, different business hours

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First, the device selection is different

In the early days of the construction of children's indoor and outdoor water park, there will be different views on the choice of water park equipment. The indoor children's water park is limited by the scale and area of ​​building, which generally does not choose very large water amusement equipment, otherwise the construction cost will be Very high, the area of ​​the indoor children's water park is generally small, and the children's outdoor water park is not limited by the construction space, the cost of civil construction is relatively low, the area is large, and the large water amusement equipment will generally place.

Second, the construction cycle is different

Compared with the children's outdoor water park, the construction cost of the water park in the children's room is much higher, mainly because of the high cost of the Goblin, in terms of water park equipment, if the site is limited, the water park equipment needs to be customized, and the development cost will be higher. , Generally the same size of children's room water park is more than children's outdoor water.

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Third, the different business hours

In the year-on-year unit, the significant feature of the children's room in the children's room is that you can open for a year, and the indoor constant temperature cost is high. Considering the people and habits of consumers during construction. If considering very week, then children's room water park operation Objective, children's outdoor water park South Spring, summer, early autumn, many children's outdoor water parks can only operate in summer. Mainly watching the weather, unlike the children's room, you can adjust the temperature.

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