What is the exclusive project recommendation for the outdoor playground?

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What is the exclusive project recommendation for the outdoor playground?

The playground is a growing experience of every child's childhood, and now you can see different types of outdoor playgrounds in large business districts or in the community, and even some high-end communities have special playgrounds. Give the children to play the experience. However, do you know which equipment items can I build in the playground? What projects outdoor in 2020 outdoor children are more popular? Let's take a look at the music map together!

This article contains the following

Group slide

2. Sandwater equipment

3.Interactive syncum cartridge

4. Microfesome combination project

First, combined slide

Combined slides are a slide project with a slide project with different functional properties on a traditional single slide, a slide, a slide, a large combination of a large combination of slides, a plastic, stainless steel, wooden, and according to the characteristics of the site. Material selection. A large combination of different projects will be used to promote the body coordination of the children's system, and need your hand and your eyes. By mastering different sports skills, you can make your hands and feet more flexible.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT035 (1)

Second, sand water equipment

The little child is very high for the sand, water's love is very high, in the river, the park, where you can play, you can see the children in a small bucket, small shovel digging the coup. The plasticity and fluidity of sand water are very strong, and it is possible to bring their own ideological exploration space to a large extent to promote the development of personalized growth.

Third, interactive passile cartridge

Outdoor strikers are crazy in recent years in the major children's amusement parks, kindergartens, parks. This instrument is different from traditional indoor brand-name, which is specifically designed for outdoor, outdoor. Musical instruments can have their own sounds, while in a nature environment, there is a strong atmosphere. Punch instruments can stimulate children to explore the ability to improve sound discrimination.

Knocking musical instruments + blow musical instruments + sensory experience interactive amusement + rhythm teacher 9

Fourth, micro-shaped combination project

Micro-shaped is common in major outdoor parks and in the community, simulating the mountains, the slope of the hills can make the children to enjoy the hole, climb, roll, this kind of equipment not only enhances the convenience of playing. At the same time, it also enhances the fun of terrain and play. In different terrain positions, a small slide, ladder, tunnel, and other equipment can be embedded, suitable for children under the age of 5.

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