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What is the material in the music maps?

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What is the material in the music maps?

Kindergarten is a very important place in children's growth. The child's childhood is at least one-third of the time is with young children's toys, furniture. Therefore, for the layout of indoor children's furniture, it is important. Now we are not difficult to find a variety of kinds of children's furniture, but how much is it for different material advantages and shortcomings? So, what is the material use of children's furniture in the music map?

This article contains the following

1, pine material

2, oak material

3, birch multilateral board

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First, pine material

Pinus sylvestris is a kind of wood with a faint fragrant wood. Don't underestimate this fragrance, the creatif is a scent of the scent that can inhibit the growth of microorganisms. At the same time, the furniture made from this material can also bring it. Mildew effect. What is the material use of children's furniture in the music map?

Music Amusement will use the mortal structure process when making indoor children's furniture, try to use the binder to use the adhesive to dry the pine, reduce the deformation and cracking chance of furniture. However, children's furniture in the pine material of the pine material is soft, and it is possible to burst under the sun, so the direct sun of the sun is avoided.

Second, oak material

Oak is a high hardness of wood material, which has a good load-bearing capacity and wear resistance is more than ordinary wood, and the elegant color can be easily different. All in all, oak materials can be processed into different shapes, such as chairs in indoor children's furniture, swing. However, oak materials may result in deformation under high temperature environments, so minimize oak materials in high temperature environments.

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Third, birch multilateral board

What is the material use of children's furniture in the music map? The birch multilayer plate is obvious, it is made of three or more layers of single-plate thermal production, which can be easily processed into furniture of different shapes, and the cut surface is also smooth and delicate. The bark itself of the birch is shine, it is not easy to deform, relatively a good kind of furniture. However, the birch multilateral panel is hard to repair after being thrown by water, so it is necessary to waterproof when usage.

What is the material use of children's furniture in the music map? For the choice of indoor children's furniture equipment, it is of course based on environmental protection, exterior light and smooth, color-molded material. The length of use of a kind of child furniture is generally between 3-5 years, so that the actual cost, the oak material and the birch multilayer plate are the material that can be selected.


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