What is the outdoor large play equipment in kindergarten?

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What is the outdoor large play equipment in kindergarten?

What is the outdoor large play equipment in kindergarten? Kindergarten's large outdoor play equipment mainly includes several children's slides, climbers, drill caves, swing, rocking horses, trampolines, etc., the material of the wooden slide is imported anti-corrosion wood, domestic logs, etc., I believe many people know these Traditional children's play equipment.

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Typical plastic slides often have a lower budget, and the accessories are integrally formed by plastic particles in the mold, and the colorful plastic slides sometimes unexpected effect, but to note that the plastic slide has a size in the overall specification, if You budget is not enough, you can buy a mini-type plastic slide, but practicality may be slightly somewhat, will let the big class children don't like to play several times.

The other is a wooden slide, like a plastic slide, relatively, the safety of the slide is undoubtedly the most guaranteed, although the parents have had aesthetic fatigue for such products at this era, the parents have produced aesthetic fatigue. There is a new type of differential product, such as the cabin combined with crawling, slide combined with expansion, cartoon engraving combined with maze, all kinds of products you can't think of, there is no product you can't produce. Strictly speaking, such children's paradise equipment is not a true non-standard customization, only hundreds of or mix.

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This type of kindergarten play equipment is sometimes more in order to meet the needs of the bidding, give you a long aspect, then take a few accessories to take a few Tianma's name, plus a few unique models, let the bidding competition You will win in the fog in the opponent cloud.

Today, differential competition between kindergartens is increasingly fierce. How to meet the first impression of parents is especially important, just like buying a house, no one is not a lot before it is not a lot before it is not a matter of deciding to send children to kindergarten. According to the characteristics of different places and different budget standards, the customized equipment customized equipment has adopted PE precise engraving, wood art engraving, FRP accessories, etc., in ensuring the traditional play function, strengthens the identification. The age of the original single device has passed, how to design unified theme style is king, and sometimes the reputation benefits brought about more than one budget, at least aesthetically fatigue is not easy.

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