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What is the price of a play product suitable for the indoor playground?

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What is the price of a play product suitable for the indoor playground?

As the operation of the second child also brought the saturation development of the children's play industry, attracting many investors' concern to love. Because the investment threshold of the indoor playground is very low, there is a suitable playground location, enough investment amount and good operating experience. People with certain investment experience know that the play equipment is a critical development of materials in the children's playground, and the price of equipment is also about the amount of investment, and the equipment is used in the later future income. Many investors want to find several products that are more suitable for the development of the indoor playground, while detailed price reports. So, then Chao Xiaobian analyze you!

This article contains the following

Children's naughty castle

2. Magic Bubble Garden

3. Handmade area

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Map) 12

one,Children's naughty castle

As the core of the indoor children's playground, Naughty Fort is the core of many different topic types of playgrounds. It includes a happy eight-legged fish, small pirate boat, swing, marine ball, slippery. Naughty castle is also divided into customized type project naughty castle and inflatable naughty castle, inflatable naughty castle is generally suitable for outdoor; and customized project naughty castle is more appropriate in the room, the general price is around 400 yuan / square meter, 100 square meters of ordinary naughty The price of the fort is 60,000 yuan.

Second, the magical bubble garden

Colorful bubbles are the source of children, and the magical bubble garden is more fun, combining bubble entertainment and scientific integrity, children can be Playing bubbles can also interact with other small partners in the park to explore different colors. The price charging method of the magical bubble park is in units, such as 50 square meters, the price is about 30,000 yuan.

Third, manual area

Handmade children's projects have a leisure entertainment product in recent years. The play items in the manual area are very broad, such as baking projects, painting projects, pottery projects, etc., have a small investment, easy to learn, and the broad market prospect is a very easy to make money. One of the projects that are very easy to earn money. 50 square meters of manual area investment is only about 30,000 yuan.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Moto) 14

The above-mentioned investment in these indoor children's play is relatively small, and the area requirements are not large. It is suitable for children who are 6 to 12 years old and 4 years old and have a greater benefit point for people in the market.

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