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What is the price of children's playground equipment?

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What is the price of children's playground equipment?

Children's playground is now very popular investment projects, but now in investing in children's playground equipment is also a problem that many investors will care about. Many customers will ask them directly when they consult our customer service staff: your manufacturers' children What is the price of amusement equipment? When I ask for several different manufacturers' equipment prices, there will be a lot of differences between the quotations, I will feel that the manufacturer of the price is deceptive.

In fact, this idea is definitely wrong, because the prices of children's play equipment will be affected by different factors, the next Wenzhou Music Children's Paradise mainly introduces the following children's play equipment prices that will generally receive the factors!

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1.Different impact prices

2.Internal configuration different impact prices

3.Design different impact prices

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Different impact prices

Children's playground equipmentThere are different players such as wooden materials, stainless steel, soft bag materials, plastic materials, because the material of each device will contain differences in workmanship, so the price difference is more obvious. However, in general, environmentally friendly materials such as stainless steel play equipment is much more expensive than ordinary materials, and import material is more expensive than domestic materials, so it is the price difference between the same equipment.

Internal configuration different impact prices

The configuration inside the same outdoor children's play equipment is actually a big difference, such as the naughty castle equipment project as a comprehensive amusement device, which contains a lot of small items: marine ball, swing, slide, etc. Self-choice players can also be made. Simply, the more the configuration of a play equipment project, the higher the quotation, and the equipment is divided into popularization, luxury version, and ordinary version, and the difference is also more obvious.

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Design different impact prices

Every amusement equipment manufacturers have their own unique design styles and production processes. Some manufacturers will pay more attention to materials and production processes. For accurate production of equipment, and, for example, our professional manufacturers will guarantee the use of equipment. Safety, add more security design. In general, the more refined the process, the quotation is higher.

For the above factor, if the investor uses only the price of the quotation or the quality of the manufacturer and its incorrect, it is necessary to understand the configuration, material, process, etc. of the equipment.


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