What is the price of outdoor combination slides?

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What is the price of outdoor combination slides?

Outdoor Combination Slide is a safety amusement project for outdoor liveplace space, outdoor combination slide with clever design, harmonious color structure, mutual combination between each part brings safety, joyful atmosphere Feel. What is the general price of children combined with slides? Today, Wenzhou Map Place will be explained in detail. The price is for reference only, the actual price is subject to consultation customer service.

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Outdoor children's combination slides can be applied to communities, kindergartens, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc. , Running and other physical exercise. So how much is the other hand in such a child outdoor combination? The general outdoor combination slide price has a price of several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the small amount of outdoor slide prices are probably between 3,000 and 12,000 yuan, and the medium-sized combination slide is between 1.5W and 3.5W. The price of large outdoor combination slide rides is 50,000 to ten thousands of thousands.

Outdoor Combination Slide When choosing high-end good brands when choosing, because the outdoor play equipment is itself designed for children, but if it is because of the unexpected accident, the result is lost. It is more serious. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor play equipment, we must first value the manufacturers, follow the actual price factors, and choose the characteristics of the venue when you understand the specific price, and choose to match the venue.

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If it is a wooden typeOutdoor combination slideThe price from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands is common. Since each slider is set, the equipment items are not the same, so specific budgets need to be expense according to your style. In fact, the price of the outdoor combination slide is generally higher than the combination of indoors, because the specifications of the outdoor combination slides, and the wear resistance, and the demargens require higher. If you want more to know more, you can find a few large-scale outdoor play equipment manufacturers to understand, directly visit the factory, which helps you buy outdoor combination slides more helpful!


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