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What is the price of the slide price of kindergarten large outdoor combination?

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What is the price of the slide price of kindergarten large outdoor combination?

Nowadays, high-grade kindergartens will be equipped with a variety of fun and puzzle amusement equipment, including very popular children's combined slides, and now many parks will also buy children's slides to play, but now the market is outdoor slide. There are also very many, the prices given by different brands also have a gap, then what is the price of the large-scale outdoor combination of kindergarten?

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1. What is a child combination slide

2. Children combined slide price

3. Where to learn about outdoor combination slide prices

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what isChildren's combination slide

Children's combination slides are an outdoor amusement sports spatial place in fitness, entertainment, and play. It is a new, comprehensive design based on the characteristics of the site and the customer's requirements. This is a new type, comprehensive Ultra high outdoor children's play equipment. At the same time, you can also design different characteristics of children like drill, climbing, roll, slipping.

At the same time, all connected ports of kindergartens children have connected with fasteners. The surface of the slide does not appear any sharp items, and each component can be customized, and now the personalized IP customization is also very popular. Children's outdoor combination slides have a good feature of high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, and sunshine.

Children's combination slide price

For children's combined outdoor slide, it is not fixed, perhaps the same product, in different places, or now you are currently what you find, you can directly provide spot or direct production. The fixed price of the product. However, more actually made according to the characteristics of the venue, the material and functionality of different slide equipment, and the appearance of the creativity is to position the price.

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Where to learn about outdoor combination slide prices

First of all, some toy shopping malls can directly see the current market prices, but the same price will also have two different forms, one is inherent products and inherent prices, and the other is based on the actual product. Customization is required. Second, you can directly call the call of Wenzhou Tu play, directly understand the relevant equipment price: 15167702299! Finally, it is in the market to find out the product, find the right to position the right price, determine the product equipment according to the venue requirements.

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