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What is the price of three meters long stainless steel slides? Several determinants

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What is the price of three meters long stainless steel slides? Several determinants

The current slide market is more popular in stainless steel slide equipment, because this device does not rust, the whole looks very beautiful, and integrated into a lot of new era of fresh play, allowing users to get more fun here. After the conventional slide is gradually eliminated, stainless steel equipment is gradually become the mainstream of this era. Moreover, such equipment is suitable for park kindergartens and scenic spots, and more adaptability than past equipment. So someone wants to change such equipment, and I want to know what the price of three meters long equipment?

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Three-meterStainless steel slideWhat is the price? Several determinants

First, determine the price according to specifications

Stainless steel equipment has different specifications, so the price that eventually present is different. Including the design of the equipment is some aspects of determining equipment prices. For example, S-type slide and L-slide, their prices are different. Three meters of equipment is a routine size that is suitable for most of the use scenarios. However, when using this device in the mall, the slide may be set, because this is to play the decoration and attraction, so it will be more expensive in terms of price.

Second, different prices of different scenes

Although all stainless steel equipment, it is placed in different scenes, and the way the design will be different, so the final price is also different. For example, the stainless steel equipment used in kindergarten will compare routine in terms of function, and the overall price will approach the overall level of the market. If it is used in the stainless steel equipment in the mall, it may be higher. Because the mall will not slide to the design, this can better meet the needs of the eyeball, and can make this equipment to bring more passengers to the mall.

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What is the price of three meters long stainless steel slides? Several determinants

There are also hospital scenarios, and the equipment used is generally a standard version, and the price will be relatively intimate. Because the equipment here is for children to provide services, they can let the children have a place where they can wait. This will also make the hospital more popular and more perfect in terms of service, so it has begun to appear in the hospital. As for specific prices, different manufacturers and brands are different, so they need to be meticulously inquiries to find more clear prices. Or go to the official website to view, usually you can see more clear price information.

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