What is the unpowered amusement equipment, and what are the types?

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What is the unpowered amusement equipment, and what are the types?

Outdoor sports without powerRidesOriginally popular in Europe and the United States, as the quality of life and health needs of Chinese people became higher and higher, the way of life and entertainment gradually changed. In recent years, in the context of the rapid development of the Chinese travel industry, unpowered rides play an increasingly important role in various fields of theme parks, scenic spots, commercial and real estate. Unpowered play equipment has a very positive effect on improving physical fitness and intellectual development. While enjoying the colorful amusement and entertainment equipment, if we can GET some safe and small skills, it will greatly enhance our entertainment experience and have fun to have fun.

The following is a small series of popular science classes:

Unpowered amusement equipment can be divided into challenge, interactive and experience according to the type of experience.

1. Challenge type:

Non-standard custom + outdoor development + climbing

Outdoor Development

This kind of amusement facilities is a series of gameplays such as seat belt equipment, obstacle crossing, climbing, and rappelling at high altitude.

2. Interactive type:

Le Tu non-standard amusement + large crawl + kindergarten outdoor toys - (1)

Large crawl

This type of equipment is highly interesting, has a high degree of interactivity between people, and has a large venue for activities without the need to wear safety devices.

3. Experience type

Non-standard amusement + naughty castle + children's play equipment

Children's playground

These types of equipment are mostly small equipment types that are built for children as ancillary facilities.

Unpowered play equipmentThe security risks are extremely low. As long as everyone can consciously abide by the rules and regulations of safe play, many accidents can be completely prevented. Correct analysis of accidents and improvement of work in all links is the basis for establishing and improving corresponding safety regulations and standards. It is also the foundation for a safe and enjoyable experience for tourists. Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is aware of this point. With this article, we want to tell you not only our understanding of the safety of non-powered equipment in the Chinese amusement industry, but also the strict production of non-powered rides. Serious attitude, "promoting the spirit of artisans and creating a new experience of Chinese amusement" is the direction and goal we have been working hard for.


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