What kind of play equipment is suitable for the real estate industry? Mainly have the following

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What kind of play equipment is suitable for the real estate industry? Mainly have the following

Although the price is now high, many real estate companies have not been good, so they need to try to attract the interests of buyers. In the surrounding facilities, the community property and the green area are almost similar, the community There is an important factor in planning a large-scale amusement equipment area, because many parents have taken into account the growth of children after they stay. If the child can make the child to play, then this will be a very good experience, let's take it below To talk, which devices are more suitable for placing in the cell.

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What are the real estate industry?Playground Equipment? Mainly have the following

I: Slide

Recently, these annual combined slides have become a new favorite of major real estate developers because they have relatively inexpensive costs, and the area is not covered, and they can be used in almost all year ago, and in the hearts of many children, the slide is very important. Location, on the basis of meeting the needs of your child, you can also attract your parents, such things are obviously very good.

Two: large area sand

Everyone in the sand is more understanding. It is often combined with the slide, because the sand can better guarantee the safety of the slide, avoid damage due to the effect of the impact force, the advantage of the sand is cheap, only need Planning a piece of venues, forming a piece of sand, which has a piece of sand. It will make children seem to be in nature, but there are many shortcomings, and it is rainy. It is not available for a long time.

Three: Seesaw

Almost everyone's growth experience will have a seesaw's figure, although there has been a big change in the appearance, but its functionality and experience feelings do not fall, and children have not changed their love, this is it. Charm.

Four: Swing

Many people have fallen from swing, and Swing also carries a happy imprint of many people. Now many real estate companies have launched adults, the purpose is to attract more buyers, let them recall the good time of childhood.

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What kind of play equipment is suitable for the real estate industry? Mainly have the following

Most of the real estate play equipment need to be placed outdoors, so in the process of choosing, a strong and durable product should be chosen, so on the basis of ensuring safety, it can also save costs.

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