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What kind of style is there for the wooden combination slide constructed in kindergarten?

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What kind of style is there for the wooden combination slide constructed in kindergarten?

Nature gives the charm that is always unlimited, no matter what age layer, people are relatively strong for nature's belonging. Children who have age will tend to be elements of nature, some slides, swings, rope nets such as the logs, and rope nets. At the same time, the elements in the water, plants, and sunshine can bring a better play experience to the children and better understanding of nature.

Wooden Type Composite Amusement Facility Property in kindergarten is very wide, due to the unique properties of the original wood, natural trees as raw materials, very plasticity, can imitate different types of products in nature. Outdoor rides with logs are high end, long-term wear resistance. Next, you will introduce you to the type of roller type that can be created outdoors.

Carbonized wood combination slide (4)

Beach landscape wooden combination series

Perhaps you can feel the beauty of the beach landscape in the coastal city, but in the inland city because of the geographical reasons, you can't feel the reason, so the professional designer in the ocean beach has been in the landscape design of the ocean beach, usually For example, the wooden slide in the beach can be created in the creation of rides in deep sea animals in the pirate ship, and can also meet different functional play experience.

Forest expansion wood combination slide series

This kind of amusement facilities are mainly based on outdoor expansion of amusement projects as prototype, which can be built in the outdoor large-scale retrofitting park, usually combined with the rimming ecology for climbing, jumping, drilling holes and other different movements. project. At the same time, forest expansion of wood combined slides in the landscape is a comparative, and the material on the log is required to be clear, and the color is more in line with nature.

British wind wooden slide combination main map 4

Personalized monomer wood outdoor combination slide series

Generally speaking, some small places, such as the amusement park or the kindergarten, it is impossible to have a larger site to provide construction of a playground project. So, there is a place for a personalized monomer, such as the slide, swing, rope net, drill hole, etc. in the wooden landscape. Personalized monomeric waves have very high performance. A good slider can be manufactured by simple material.

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