What kind of topic effect can a giant slide bring to the local area?

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What kind of topic effect can a giant slide bring to the local area?

  Occasionally saw a news at noon on February 13th: "Shanghai Mall is shockedGiant slideI slipped from the top floor of the 5th floor to the bottom floor. I immediately thought that this mall was going to be a fire. In the afternoon, I made a special trip to the mall to see it. The slides were not open to the public, but many consumers took photos on the spot. Showing a strong interest.Le Tu non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + Shanghai Paris Spring (96)Shanghai Paris Spring Stainless Steel Slide Case (1)Shanghai Paris Spring Stainless Steel Slide Case (2)

  Sure enough, the traceability of this incident confirmed my conjecture, this "Giant slide"The origin of the topic is that a microblogging user @筋肉兄贵喵星人 said on Weibo on February 11, 2016, was "Giant slide"Frightened, and there are photos on Weibo. The reason for scaring the urine is because the giant slides are built from the top to the bottom, which is as high as 5 floors. This Weibo is as of 24 o'clock on February 13, 2016. It was forwarded 51973 times by netizens, with 25,465 comments and 25,711 comments. From the earliest 2016-02-12 17:54 news morning [microblogging] media reports to the same deadline, Baidu search "Shanghai Mall surprised "Giant slides" keywords, there are related results about 3,430,000 pages, find 253 related news, and this is only a day's speed.

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  From the more than 50,000 users forwarding, more than 25,000 comments and praises, this short message has attracted a lot of people's interest, despiteSlideNot yet open, but netizens are already making possible results. The comments seem to be a big collection of horror films, forming a topic.

This topic is exactly what companies need.

  In my opinion, this mall is built "Giant slide"The meaning of drunkenness is not wine. It is not only a physical object, but a huge business opportunity. It is an active topic marketing."

  SlideNot yet opened, news dissemination, self-media, netizens have done construction for this mallSlideThe cost is higher than a few hundred times the huge advertising effect.

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  This one"Giant slide"It is not a gimmick isolated from the mall. Its top floor is actually a children's life paradise called "the roof town","Giant slide"It’s not as terrible as the netizens said, there is no sense of security, you have to know this.Giant slideIt is already in Malaysia. Everyone who falls is paying for it, and it has protective pads that will be safe.

Just because ofGiant slide"Safety concerns have caused hot topics, and whenGiant slideAfter opening to the outside world, as long as the facts are spoken, all concerns will not be broken, and the popularity of the mall will multiply.

Nowadays, the cost of advertising is very expensive. It is very difficult to achieve effective advertising. However, topic marketing is a clever and cost-effective marketing method. If you use it well, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, more and more companies tend to use topic marketing to brand. Add points, but to find this "topic" is not a one-step.


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