What kind of tricks do you have to run indoor children's parks?

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What kind of tricks do you have to run indoor children's parks?

    just nowChildren's playgroundThe amusement equipment is changing with each passing day, soChildren's playgroundWhen doing business, what are the details that need to be noticed by the operators?2Q0B7354_See the picture king

1. Safety measures for amusement equipment and venues

    The topic of security is at any time, and it cannot be overemphasized in any field. It is also an important prerequisite for any consideration. In particular, operators engaged in the children's playground industry must first ensure that they are qualified and have no safety hazards from the quality of the amusement equipment.

    At the same time, the edges and corners of the equipment should not have sharp edges, and the composition of the parts should be strong, so as to prevent the children from ingesting the loose screws and posing a safety hazard. Secondly, we must also pay attention to the safety measures of the venue, when the baby or toddler isChildren's playgroundWhen playing, you should prevent toys with long strings and small parts in the venue. Safety inspection measures should be in place.

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2, equipment placement is the key to drainage

    The children’s favorite place to play is a children’s paradise. Since they can bring joy to children and enable children to learn more, we all know that there are regular rules for the placement of goods in supermarkets or supermarkets. Then, as the operator of the children's amusement park, how to position the children's play equipment is a problem that operators must consider now. Positioning properly can attract more children's attention.

Popular popular children's play equipment should be placed at the entrance of the playground or at the gold level such as the checkout counter. The general children's play equipment can be placed in the designated area, and then after a period of operation, the children's play equipment will be placed. Make adjustments.

According to the income of children's play equipment, in the amusement park to do the exchange, the relative characteristics of the exchange, improve the children's play equipment and the profitability of the entire playground, the operators open a combination of children's play equipment, so that can be popular The device drives the popularity of other devices.

    There are so many children's play equipment in the children's amusement park. Each piece of equipment has its uniqueness and advantages. It is recommended that children's play equipment should be combined with each other when they are placed in the park, and they will be mixed in appearance and function. .

    Finally, if we want to carry out our children's amusement park business more prosperously, we must make a certain amount of effort, move some brains, and make the placement of children's play equipment is one of them.

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3, clean, health can promote secondary consumption

    Children's paradise is one of the important places for children to enter and exit frequently every day. The amusement equipment is also long enough to be touched and played by children. The sanitation and disinfection of equipment is an essential part. It is clean, bright and tidy, which not only attracts children. Come back again, parents are more reassured.

    Unhygienic and unclean amusement equipment, not to mention infectious diseases, even from the visual senses will be prohibitive, Imagine, see the dirty equipment, parents will be assured that children will play? The answer of course is no. Therefore, daily maintenance is also crucial.


4, choose the amusement equipment to close

    I like the old people's common sense, how to put the equipment to attract children is the basis for determining the quality of business. First of all, it is necessary to investigate what kind of equipment is available in the existing children's playgrounds around the country, and strive to achieve the same, in order to be surprisingly good. Good amusement equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, such as: special sound, different touch, bright colors. And beloved shapes, they can be used to stimulate children's vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on.

    On the other hand, children like to play with their children or parents of the same age. Nowadays, the “sharing economy” is popular all over the country. The amusement equipment that many people play can make children learn to share with others from a young age, so good amusement equipment should make more than two people. A total of play, and more importantly, the choice of equipment that allows parents to play with their children can promote the interaction between parents and children, and will naturally be welcomed.

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5. Correctly locate your customer base

    The operators of children's parks should always ask themselves: Who are our target user groups? The starting point of the product is not necessarily the user, the key is to return to the user. No matter how good the amusement equipment is, it is impossible to satisfy all the children's preferences. The children's favorite things are different at each age. This is also what the operator should think about. The so-called positioning means the operator must understand: you have to Which age group of children is serving.

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