What kinds of kinds of amusement devices welcomed by parents and children? Mainly the following

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What kinds of kinds of amusement devices welcomed by parents and children? Mainly the following

Over time, children's play equipment has developed into diversified, and there are many kinds of species. In order to expand the market, many equipment manufacturers have launched their own new products, but because of the high similarity of play equipment. And playability, this makes the entire market have no innovation, but it has passed so long, and there are still many children's equipment to stand out, and become a lot of parents.

Non-standard travel + Shenyang Vanke Aircraft Slide + Children's Paradise (5)

Welcomed by parents and childrenPlayground EquipmentWhat kinds of? Mainly the following

First combination slide

It takes a lot of market, and its important reason is to adapt to different occasions, and the combination of various plastic parts can bring a very happy experience for children, and will fit body and children. Developed, children's hobbies and interests to design, and for operators, combined slides have a good advantage of high security and strong durability. This is the early investment or later maintenance costs. Acceptable.

2nd naughty treasure

Such equipment is designed according to the early growth of children, including important natures such as jumping, climbing, and scrolling, including time shuttle coconut trees, happiness octopus, marine ball stone, etc. After reasonable matching, Make a variety of projects to play their own advantages, with very good entertainment, and in the process of playing, we can bring close to each other, you can play together, he has become an indoor children's paradise The most classic model.

The third fake instrument,

Many parents are not very understanding of this device, because he has only appeared in recent years, and the striking instrument usually includes the elite, sand hammered, etc., its main role is to let children have more deep Understand, and you can cultivate interests of music, but because there is a certain noise in the process of tapping, many schools and amusement parks are set to another space.

4th climbing net

Non-standard travel + pirate ship + slide + indoor children's playground (1)

What kinds of kinds of amusement devices welcomed by parents and children? Mainly the following

This kind of equipment is very bad about his evaluation, because the entire activity is dangerous, in the process of playing the children, to greatly improve the child's happiness and honor, and promote the development of their brain, and You can interact with parents, play a very important role in the playground.

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