What material is the child's slide?

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What material is the child's slide?

Parents often bring their children to the children's paradise to play slides, but now only in the Children's Paradise, there are children's paradise slides in the community, schools, parks, and children can climb, roll, slide, play. . But now people have a great improvement in the level of concern, so it will care about whether the material of children's play equipment will cause physical damage to the child, and it is very concerned about the material, environmental protection, and safety of the slide. Today, music maps will give you a main material for children to play slides.

Children's playground slides are among the essential standard, from the materials, children's slides can be divided into three categories, as well as the frequency of use are larger material on the market: plastic slides, stainless steel slide, wooden slide.

Non-standard play the main view of FIG. 9

Plastic slides: slide the plastic roof and tailgate like parts are imported using colored plastic high specification materials, polyethylene materials can enhance the UV stability and high strength anti-static, through large-scale multi-technology lines create non-toxic, odorless safe and environmentally friendly plastic slides.

Stainless steel slides: Stainless steel is used in the slide plate slide304Professional outdoor stainless steel, this material will not rust outdoors, use and market life is very long, you can mold into the main drum slides, straight barrel slide, spiral slide, the equivalent is shaping a fully functional playground. Because the stainless steel slides the safety factor is very high, so the whole slide tube slide is used is translucent in nature, so that children playing time higher safety factor.

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Wooden slides: wooden playground or a series of individual slides are based on the theme of the wooden structure, so it also requires wooden slides to the high demands of the manufacturing process of each component of the combination, we use is made of imported African teak, and it would have timber handling multiple complex processes in the process of wood sculpture, making dehydration carbonized wood, mildew can make slides fire wood combined function. In addition, since the crowd wooden slides for the children, so after forming the requirements for surface modeling is also quite high. To have special surface treatment after production of molding smooth burr play strong interest.

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