What materials are generally included in kindergarten indoor furniture? Different material effects

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What materials are generally included in kindergarten indoor furniture? Different material effects

Every child will experience the kindergarten period, and most of the day will stay there, so the environmental arrangement is important, and for the operator, you should know the angle, shape, material, such as investment. Under the case, you can also know the type of furniture. Below you will bring you to you know what materials can you use in kindergarten indoors, which have the advantages and disadvantages of different materials?

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Kindergarten indoor furnitureWhich materials are generally included? Different material effects

First type of pine

This material has a faint flavor and can effectively inhibit microorganisms and insects. Because of its excellent texture, it will generally use the structural process of 卯, as much as possible in the production process, avoid using glue, reduce the pollution of environmental air, but this wood material is very easy to burst, so the position in place should be Careful choices should try to avoid direct sunlight, and extend the life of it.

2nd materials oak

This material has good hardness and wear resistance. Very easy to color, can be machined into a variety of shapes. Natural oak is not only clear, but also is very uniform, it is very difficult to absorb water. However, because the oak has a high moisture rate, and the moisture removal is more difficult, so it will be deformed after the time will be used, and the high temperature is not high temperature, so if the temperature is high, it should be cautious choice

3rd birk multilayer

This material is very difficult to deform, and it is easy to process, and its environmental protection is much higher than other materials. Although it was synthesized later, its strength was very large. Can meet different modeling requirements. However, this multi-laminate also has a shortcoming, that is, there are a lot of love, and the possibility of fixing after being blisters is very low, so it should be cautious.

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What materials are generally included in kindergarten indoor furniture? Different material effects

At present, the furniture of the children's paradise in my country is generally the above three, and parents should pay attention to whether the material has volatile substances when choosing kindergartens for their children, and for operators should be cautiously select material type to avoid giving Children bring harm, and my country will have a lot of children's paradise for children every year, so you should mention sufficient attention to avoid repetition.

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