What questions should be paid attention to in Changchun North Lake?

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What questions should be paid attention to in Changchun North Lake?

The colorful slide is in the north of the Yangtze River, although there is a natural snow field in the north, but the price is relatively high. The colorful slide has the same experience, but the price is very close. The places where the colorful slide erection is very flexible, not only limited to the natural inclination of hillside. Changchun North Lake color slide is a slide in the lake, Changchun's winter is very cold. If you come to experience the colorful slide in winter, you should pay attention to some of the following questions.

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What questions should be paid attention to in Changchun North Lake?

When you experience the slide, you should protect yourself and prevent danger.Colorful slideMade of PP materials, you can withstand a low temperature environment, generally do not crack. However, the material will become more hard and protect it during the decline. Use a snow ring as required, do not have too much actions in the process of decline. Changchun North Lake Colorful slide is very popular, the tourists in the four seasons in the past four seasons are constantly, there are still many friends in the winter to play the colorful slide, but the temperature in the winter is very low, everyone wears more, the action is not flexible, so the experience is in the experience Keep paying attention to security issues when slide.

Winter experiences colorful slide to control the speed of sliding. Winter is easy to snow, although there is someone cleaned, but due to the material problem, the friction of the slide surface is still reduced. The friction of the snow ring itself will be weakened, so the speed of the decline will speed up. Changchun North Lake Colorful slide has a special person to help tourists sit on the snowy. Everyone should follow the requirements to prevent the fade speed from being uncomfortable. We usually experience the slide feelings and slides are almost the same, because the slope is small, so the speed of falling is unhappy, but if the friction of the slide is reduced, then the decline experience will still be more stimulus, for children and a little older tourist pay attention.

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What questions should be paid attention to in Changchun North Lake?

The experience of the colorful slide slide is very good. Although the winter is low in winter, it still can't stop everyone's enthusiasm. If you encounter people in Changchun North Lake, if you encounter people, you may have to queue, sometimes waiting in line for half an hour, but slipping down from above, just a minute. It can be seen that everyone is true to this colorful slide, otherwise it will not wait in line here. When people have more people, everyone must queue up, and the parents who have come to play with children must pay attention to protecting their children, and queue in order to experience the colorful slide.

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