What should I pay attention to in the water park equipment installation?

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What should I pay attention to in the water park equipment installation?

In recent years, domestic water rides have a relatively large investment, and the water rides are different from ordinary equipment, and the equipment is much variety. Its installation method is different, and the water park equipment is particularly common in the water park, and there is almost children's playground. Where there will be some big and small water play equipment. Water park equipment has different sizes, different models, different design patterns, more different material selection, and quality is generally good. So what should I pay attention to when the water park equipment is installed?

This article contains the following:

1, qualified inspection

2, equipment security

3, equipment maintenance

4, equipment warning sign

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First, qualified inspection

Large water park equipment (higher or equal to 2 meters) is a special equipment, not only the qualification certificate to produce water park manufacturers. At the same time, there must be special equipment installation and maintenance licenses. After checking the qualifications, Go to the site, it can only be safely operated after all passes.

Second, equipment security

When installing water park equipment, you must install one by one according to the instructions. No details are missing. After all, in the future run, the water park equipment is likely to cause safety accidents because a screw is not tightened. All riders of the water park should be particularly careful in addition to installation, and should also be regularly safe inspections and maintenance.

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Third, equipment maintenance

It also needs to be maintained in a timely manner. If the equipment of the water park is not safe, there will be a lot of problems, and you need to pay attention to the security of the device and the possible situation in the process of use.

Fourth, equipment warning sign

Must be labeled on the water park's equipment. For example, the instructions, precautions, etc. of the device, let the passengers can see it, then determine if they are suitable for this play equipment.

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