What should I pay attention to using a child slide?

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What should I pay attention to using a child slide?

When using it, children must queue in order, don't crowd, don't fight. When the ladder is under the ladder, the feet are parallel, the body is slightly behind, and the hands support the bars on both sides of the slide, slowly fall, when they have not reached the end, when they stand, the children don't slip. To avoid physical collisions, causing physical damage. What should I pay attention to using a child combination slide?

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The following is a wrong gameplay, please pay attention:

1, the body is reversed, using the chest to decline in front of the slide, easy to rub the face and the ground when reaching the end point, causing face damage, severe people may cause a disfigured. This is one of the strict prohibited error playing methods.

2, double knee, this slippery method is in use, the kindergarten slide made from knee and plastic produces serious friction, when the knee can't stand, it is easy to fall on the way, fell directly to the ground The result is unimaginable. Such mistakes may result in more serious results than the previous case, and are listed in a strict list.

3, crawling from the slide below the slide, in the lower reptile, there may be the above children slip down, the two sides will collide, which is also a very dangerous behavior. Adults must supervise.

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Of course, playing is important, but the child's safety is the most important, how can you let your child feel at ease? Kindergarten slides require regular maintenance to ensure children's security issues to avoid accidents.

During the use of the kindergarten slide, over time will cause a screw, and the slide placed outside through the wind blows sunlight, the screw is easy to rust, and regular maintenance is responsible for the children.

Combination slides are typically made of plastic. Once the crack is found, it should be replaced immediately. Don't have a lucky psychology, cracks are easy to grasp the customer's clothes, causing suffocation.

During the use of the combination slide, the teacher and parents are needed to accompany them to prevent children from making excessive behavior, prevent accidents.

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