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What should I pay attention to when playing a pirate ship playing a playground?

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What should I pay attention to when playing a pirate ship playing a playground?

The pirate ship is now a popular amusement game. It is a play project with a horizontal axis repeated swing because his body carries the space like a pirate ship, so she has taken this name. This device will slowly swing after opening, and then constantly increasing the amplitude of oscillating. The passenger can feel the soothing swing on the device, which feels like surfing on the sea, the process is very thrilling, able to bring you unprecedented experience. As a very popular project of the amusement park, there are many places that need to pay attention to when playing, taking care of themselves and others, in order to truly experience the fun of the equipment.

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amusement parkWhat should I pay attention to?

First, read passengers instructions

Before experiencing this project, you need to read the relevant knowledge as required. Because visitors should do many protection in terms of safety, follow the rules of the above, can better protect their safety. In addition, if it is a child involved in such a project, it is necessary to let her understand the rules, and do a good job according to the requirements before the actual entertainment process. Because the project itself is a big gameplay, it is necessary to protect yourself as required, otherwise it may face certain risks.

Second, the equipment is running close to the watch

Although the space of the pirate ship is fixed, it has a large swing amplitude, so it is not too close to the distance. General site will be divided into reasonable onlookers, but also to ensure the safety of the onlookers. The general provisions are outside the equipment around the device, so that they can be seen more trick and will not worry about being injured by the equipment. It is also important to note that during the process of operation, it is necessary to fasten the seat belt, and the safety device cannot be unable to unless the staff is allowed.

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What should I pay attention to when playing a pirate ship playing a playground?

I believe that you can protect yourself in such a project, you can experience the stimulus of the pirate ship, and you can safely protect yourself, let the play process better enrich your experience. Even if you are onlookers, you will feel very ornamental, because you can see all kinds of expressions and conditions when you swing on your device, it seems to be more interesting, but you should also pay attention to your own safety.

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