What should parents and operators pay attention to when playing in the playground?

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What should parents and operators pay attention to when playing in the playground?

     I often see news kids atPlaygroundNews of injury while playing, as a senior engaged inPlayground EquipmentDesign and manufacturing practitioners, also a small editor of the father, todayFollow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see what details need to be paid attention to in the operation and play of playgrounds and amusement equipment.

    The first is the operator. The plan to open the playground should first have a high sense of security responsibility and reject the inferior products on the market. As the saying goes, a price is worth the price. The product with too low price is not guaranteed in quality. Think about it again. How to ensure security.

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    There are often guests to consult Xiaobian, the first sentence is just to ask how much the price of your home products? As a professional technical consultant like me, I refuse to serve the customers who pay attention to the price first. I only agree that the operator who puts the safety of the children first should first determine what project they want to operate according to the competition of the market. Put safety first in the strength comparison, quality comparison, and determine the quality and quality of the manufacturers to discuss the price.

    In this small series, parents are also called upon to resist the inferior operating playground. There is a saying that there is no market without demand. Our parents should act best, prefer not to consume or give children an unsafe environment. The small explanation of the following equipment, I believe parents can know what kind of situation is safe playground equipment!

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1. Exposed sharp changes, sharp corners and burrs are not allowed on the surface of the device. The surface of the equipment should be smooth and free from the feeling of bumps or depressions. If it is a naughty house indoor, the corners and corners should be covered with a soft bag without a sharp feeling. In case the child is not careful when he is playing.

2, all equipment should be firm and not shaking and unstable, no danger of stepping

3. The playing platform and platform should have certain anti-slip measures. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, water is always available. Therefore, in order for children to play with peace of mind, the surface of the platform must have a certain anti-slip ability to prevent children from slipping easily.

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4, the playing platform several channels more than 60CM drop, should beDo the guardrail along the side. The guardrail must have a certain width to avoid getting stuck in the hands, body, and head.

5. When the slide is playing, pay attention to the contact between the sliding barrel and the body. During the sliding process, the temperature difference will burn the skin. It is forbidden to light the body or wear polyester thin pants to prevent burns.

6, especially the outdoor playground,In the case of higher temperatures, pay special attention to the temperature of the surface of outdoor play equipment. If the temperature is too high, it is not recommended for children to play to avoid burns.

7, the number of people must be clearly marked, prohibiting overload operation.

6. Clearly identify the materials and processes used in the product. These include the surface should be made of materials that are not easy to fall off, and whether the decoration is fixed firmly.

7. Before the equipment is operated, it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection of the product to ensure that the equipment does not have any quality problems.

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