What should the children's paradise be started to design layout? Some points

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What should the children's paradise be started to design layout? Some points

Now the Children's Paradise has become one of the children's leisure entertainment, and many young parents are very willing to let their children and children's paradise are intimate contact, because they can exercise the intellectual development of the brain in play. So how should the children's paradise design be layout?

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What should the children's paradise be started to design layout? Some points

1: Landscape design

Children's ParadiseAt the beginning of the design, it should be tightly connected with the landscape design, and it should also be aware. Amusement equipment is just part of the Children's Paradise, while landscape plants can also attract your child's gaze. However, strict screening should be carried out on the choice of plants, mainly based on tremops, and the type of plant should be non-toxic and non-rising, and some enclosure facilities should be made around the plant, mainly because the child can be avoided The branches of the crown are scratched and the plants are damaged. When various plants surrounded by amusement equipment, the child can be happy when playing.

Second: The choice of play equipment

Amusement equipment should always be dominated by security, but it should also take into account the adventure and child experience. In the process of manufacturers, it should choose a well-known brand, and manufacturers with production qualifications, such quality will be better, and later maintenance and maintenance It is relatively simple

Three: Paving of the road

The entire plant should be a flat non-slip, and the venue to the child should be very convenient for the kindergarten. When performing design comparisals, you should pay attention to maintenance devices, such as rubber pads and sand, etc., thereby avoiding damage to falling on amusement equipment.

4: Design of Terrain

The rolling terrain allows the child to play on the top, can feel the wonder of this world, so at the beginning of the design, the terrain of the undulating changes should be formed, and the selection of slope should also be cautious. The venue can be divided by age, and the size of the slope and the degree of flatness can also be determined according to this factor.

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What should the children's paradise be started to design layout? Some points

In fact, you want to make a choice of children's design parks, you should choose a number of design companies to issue multiple design solutions to compare. And for operators, some well-known children's playgrounds can be visited and investigated according to the local market business environment and people's needs, so that it is the most reliable approach.

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