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Where do you sell a play equipment? What channels can I purchase a rides?

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Where do you sell a play equipment? What channels can I purchase a rides?

The well-known thing, the equipment in a children's park is the core content of the entire project operation, so this requires investors to be very careful in choosing equipment and manufacturers. But there will still be an investor lack of investment experience, so I also see that many investors are consulting this question: What channels can be purchased to buy children's play equipment? Based on the current public problems, Xiaobian will give you the main way to explain the way of channels purchased by children's paradise equipment.

Second-hand transfer

Some investors will purchase the merchants in a variety of community software or second-hand platforms, and will also be operated directly through the second-hand play equipment. Is this method feasible? In fact, this way of purchasing methods is very convenient, and equipment is also relatively inexpensive, which reduces investors' fund pressure.However, it is undeniable that the probability of safety hazards in the amusement park in second-hand equipment has increased, and the security quality of the equipment is not guaranteed. So as a professional play equipment manufacturer is not recommended for equipment purchase.

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Equipment manufacturer

Investors can find some manufacturers of produce children's play equipment, integration of resources and equipment purchase. Choosing a manufacturer with high quality requirements for equipment, you can maintain product quality maintenance, after-sales protection. However, based on the current market market, the quality of the equipment manufacturers is also uneven, so they need to invest people to spend more flowers, and have a certain understanding of the entire industry, and then the picking of equipment.This way of purchase is a special recommendation, while Chau Play is also a very good play brand.

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brand cooperation

It is understood that most of the investment children's play industry is a newbie, so it is not particularly special for the understanding of the entire industry. At this time, Xiaobian is the suggestion to choose to cooperate with some mass brands, which is conducive to reducing risk. Excellent brand effects can be used for investors to make a convenient operation method and experience, and will have a market in-depth investigation in the investment itself, and the customization of equipment for the children's playground. Whether there is a certain guarantee in the quality of the product and the post-maintenance process, and the price is also acceptable.

The Music Children's Paradise believes that the above three ways have their own benefits and disadvantages. From the moment, Xiaobian still believes that it is good to choose a suitable manufacturer. This way you can conduct a field inspection project, and the quality of the product is also relatively true.


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