Where is the attraction of the outdoor slide to the children?

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Where is the attraction of the outdoor slide to the children?

The children are full of curiosity about the unknown world. At any time, I want to explore this fresh world, outdoor slide as an indispensable toy in the growth process of children, and spend the whole childhood with the children, the slide is tired of playing Children's play equipment, bringing the children unlimited, why do you have such a phenomenon, outdoor slide is the attraction of the children?

This article contains the following:

1, from psychology

2, from personnel training

3, the characteristics of the slide itself

4, the appearance of the slide

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First, from psychology

Usually, smaller children's doors are playing slides under leading parents or teachers. The children have recognized psychological needs, and once a successful slide brings praise and praise to the child, let the children think he is Approved, thereby more likes outdoor combination slides.

Second, from personnel training

In general, the playground is where children gather. Children can encounter more partners in the process of play, cultivate their social skills and language communication skills, so that they are more lively.

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Third, the characteristics of the slide itself

The combination slide can experience the speed and height of double stimulation, which is much controlled compared to toys sitting on a ferris wheel or rotating Trojans. The height and friction of outdoor combination slides are the challenge of children's stimulus.

Fourth, the appearance of the slide

The color and appearance of the slide in design are very particular, different shapes bring different fresh feelings to their children, different colors bring different visual experience to their children, stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Different materials have different styles to bring different tactile and experience to children, always bring freshness to children.

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