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Which outdoor play expansion facilities are more durable?

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Which outdoor play expansion facilities are more durable?

Children's outdoor play equipmentNot only can well exercise your child's body, improve the balance and coordination of your body, but also help to cultivate your child's active progress, tenacity and brave, uncomfortable spiritual quality. In recent years, with the advancement of quality education, children's outdoor play equipment have become one of the important aids of education, and become one of the infrastructure of kindergartens, parks and real estate.

In order to meet the needs of children, children's outdoor play equipment gradually expand to dozens of different types of play equipment from the beginning of the swing, and the seesaw equipment.Slide combinationClimbing combinationExpand seriesWait, there is a wide variety of varieties, greatly enriched children's outdoor play life.

Which outdoor play expansion facilities are more durable?

This article contains the following:

1, slide

2, rope net climbing frame

3, trampoline

4, seesaw

5, swing

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First, slide

Slide is an outdoor play equipment for every child. Whether it is a plastic slide, a wooden slide or an increasingly popular stainless steel slide in recent years, it has good weather resistance, even if the sun and rain are not easy to fade. Rugged and durable, kindergartens, parks, and real estate have shadows.

Second, the rope net climbing frame

The rope net climbing frame adopts the sea cable rope used in navigation, the center is chrome-plated steel wire, which is extremely strong and very strong. The rope net climbs have a very free choice space on the shape, design, and size, which is also free on the layout, so becoming more popular children's outdoor rides.

Three, trampoline

The trampoline is relatively beautiful in appearance, and the area is less, it is a larger space, and the lathe is also set up on the trampoline. The safety is higher. It can prevent children from bounce on the trampoline, etc., the main trampoline Materials have imported PP elastic cloth and electroplating springs, both of which belong to a material with strong weather resistance.

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Four, seesaw

The seesaw is a relatively common amusement equipment outdoors. Before the new players such as stainless steel slides, climbers, etc., the seesaw almost contracted children's childhood laughter, now the seesaw happened in the shape and appearance. Changes, combining various children like cartoon elements, bright color, with the best choice for the theme of the location.

Five, swing

Like the seesaw, the swing is also a kind of play equipment that is mainly suitable for outdoor. Now the swing is constantly changing and innovative in the form. It is not only suitable for the traditional swing, and there is a seat type of a seat that is suitable for the low-age baby. There is a rocking chair swing, and the applicable population is also wider.

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