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Which outdoor players are placed in an outdoor playground?

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Which outdoor players are placed in an outdoor playground?

Recently, it is a peak of investment and construction of an outdoor playground. Many customers are in consulting an outdoor playground, which outdoor players need to be better attracted to consumer groups, how type of equipment can cause children Pay attention, how to choose the place of the playground and the operation mode. Today, Music Xiaobian has a detailed answer to you with these issues.

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Outdoor playground selection

Outdoor play equipment selection

Outdoor playground charging index

Slide play apparatus combination + + + Doctor slides + Tree House series LT-HT012 (1)

Outdoor playground selection

Outdoor playground intensive site selection at the local movement of people is a necessary condition, and it is better to choose life in residential areas, places where there is sufficient flow of personnel to support the development of children's playground. Select at the mall perimeter would be a good move, mall crowds are of fixed enough for post-operation will be of great help.

Outdoor play equipment selection

As the outdoor equipment needs to stand the test of open air, it is recommended to select the device when the choice of glass fiber reinforced plastic material as much as possible, do not have much choice text plastic material, because the plastic device easy to fade after being subjected to exposure and also more brittle, will cause there is a big security risk devices. The glass fiber reinforced plastic material not only has a wear-resistant than the long, outdoor rust, long service life advantages, but also by the international certification GS indicators.

FRP are many types of equipment, according to the operational mode and functional differences outdoor playground equipment may be divided into rotation-type device, lifting equipment type, equipment type electric, water jet type equipment, electronic equipment and the like.

Spinners device: switch horses, octopus, sea walking, flying chairs, merry-go;

Slide play apparatus combination + + + Doctor slides + Tree House series LT-HT013 (3)

Lifting equipment categories: controlled aircraft, the modern era, the frog jump;

Electric equipment categories: bumper car, inflatable train;

Water jet type of equipment: fishing pond, octopus, sea and land combat vehicles.

Outdoor play equipment must rotate among the zones in these categories equipment, so that it can make all the outdoor playground with different games are played, more attractive.

Outdoor playground charging index

Outdoor playground charges can be developed based on functionality and the level of local materials customized based on the fare, the general price between 5-40 can all be set. Operators need to focus on outdoor play equipment is safe moment, therefore overhaul maintenance work carried out every day can not be ignored.


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