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Who tells you: Don't you pay for a child park?

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Who tells you: Don't you pay for a child park?

Nowadays, the business of the children's paradise is getting more popular, but Xiaobian sees such a speech online: saying that the children's paradise should not do it now, dying. For such a speech, it is difficult for investors to distinguish its true and false. After all, don't want to lose money. So is the real situation? Do you really invest in a child's paradise?

In fact, through our current observations, we will consult our people more than 10 people, and our market sector feedback information also said that the current child's park is very good, many investors are three or four months. The time returns. Even if business is not very hot, children are still going back in half a year, so the investment project of the Children's Paradise is not good.

Don't you open a case where the children's paradise failed? This answer is of course negative. After all, any business will face and two-sided, there is no investment project that does not have lost, just see the failure you have selected. Is it caused by the child's paradise for money? Xiaobian believes that the main reason why investment in children's paradise is due to the following aspects.

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This article contains the following

1 Children's Paradise's selection enters the misunderstanding

2 Paradise service quality is not good

3 The equipment is old and is not attractive

The selection of the children's paradise has entered the misunderstanding

Many investors have the correct awareness of the location of the venues before investing in the Children's Paradise, just think that they have earned inexpensive themselves. As everyone knows, in fact, this is to enter the misunderstanding for his own paradise, because the location of the Children's Paradise is the main reason for determining whether consumption is willing to consume, if you choose a sanitary condition, you will not be patronized.

Paradise service is not good

The word-of-mouth image is very important for a line-in-store shop, you can make a child park one night, you can also let the park beat it. Nowadays, many children's paradise have online shopping platforms, the public comment, US group network, etc. .

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Equipment is not attractive

The equipment in the Children's Park is a child-centered, so they don't seem to be fun based on children. They don't seem fun. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that investors can replace this equipment in one year. For old equipment, they need to be re-purchased and perfected as much as possible.

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