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Why is more and more places strictly demanded to build children outdoor parks?

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Why is more and more places strictly demanded to build children outdoor parks?

The construction of urbanization is often based on the needs of adult interests, and neglects the appeal in children's growth. Nowadays, the business nature of the current fast food, due to the amusement space and natural environment, lack of creativity, health, does not meet the real needs of children. The growing development of technology is to bring more fresh sensory stimuli for the children, but it also reduces the opportunities for children and nature to contact each other. Therefore, most cities in China now go to build outdoor children's parks in the development process, hoping to bring more vitality to children, enhance the frequency of contact with nature.

This article contains the following

Characteristics of Outdoor Children's Park

Outdoor Children's Park

Establishment of Outdoor Children's Park

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First, the characteristics of outdoor children's park

As we all know, Outdoor Children's Park is a comprehensive professional park that provides children's play, play, play, exercise, and cultural science popularization education. Building a Children's Park in a large city can create more colorful outdoor activities for children, at the same time Under the baptism of the excellent environment, you can make the children get in touch with nature, familiar with nature, love nature, and enhance physical fitness.

Second, outdoor children's park classification

Featured Children's Park: This kind of park has its own personalized theme sign, mainly highlighting and strengthening a natural activity content, and forming a better feature activity center. The topic type of park takes into account the development of every age group, introduces different plants and animal groups to children, let them love nature. Comprehensive Children's Park: This type of Children's Park is designed to provide comprehensive services to all of youth, which is generally located in a large area, convenient transportation, and the scope and area of ​​the comprehensive children's park are planned, but this kind of place Mainly by the speech hall, swimming pool, stadium and other functional play.

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Third, the precautions for establishing outdoor children's parks

Children's Park is usually located around the city's live residential area. In order to create a more good child activity center, the surrounding is best to use the bushes or the grass, in the park, there is also a green belt for proper isolation. Especially for children, children are more important to pay attention to the facilities in the safety area, and we must pay attention to the shades in the garden.

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