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Why is the price difference between children's play equipment?

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Why is the price difference between children's play equipment?

Investing in children's play garden is a focus. Many investors will compare three houses when choosing amusement equipment manufacturers. Compared, it was found that the price of children's parks in the same area was different. Why is the same player or a similar device, the price of the manufacturer is so big?

Mainly introduce you from the following points:

1, the brand qualification is different

2, the material and production process of equipment

3, item type and configuration

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First, the brand qualification is different

Various play equipment brands, the quality price of the same product is also different. For example, the roadside stalls and the clothes in the store are good, even if the salesperson said the clothes are quite, but consumers will still be biased towards clothes in the store, even if they are the same material, workmanship will not Same. Similarly, amusement equipment is also the same, the brand is different. Material selection, work, quality, and price will be different.

Big brand manufacturers, the quality of the play equipment, the material has a high standard requirement, and for the three no-ducks without qualification, the price is of course cheap, but the quality of the play equipment is of course not guaranteed.

Second, the material and production process of equipment

The same material, the material, the material, the production technology, the price is different. That is to say, there is a plastic slide, a glass steel slide, a stainless steel slide, a wooden soft bag, and the like. The material is used, and the technical cost is also different. Even if the same material material is different, the process is different, the product is not the same. In addition, there is also the consideration of safety details, and professional brand manufacturers have considered comparison and safety in detail and security.

For example, in order to ensure the safety of the product in order to protect the safety of the product, conscience manufacturers will be wrapped in a soft sponge material to prevent children from injury. Considering these safety details, production costs will certainly increase.

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Third, the species and configuration of the project

Why is the same children's paradise, different manufacturers offer very different, except for you to introduce you, you have to see the types and configuration of the amusement project you designed in the Children's Park.

If the same venue is relatively novel, the model is unique, and the currently popular project is currently, the price will definitely be higher. If the project in your paradise is relatively general, the price will definitely be cheaper.

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