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Wood outdoor play equipment custom

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Wood outdoor play equipment custom

Children's growth is inseparable from the accompanying rides. Wooden children's outdoor amusement facilities have a long history, which is early than other places. Therefore, people love the love of the wooden slide from the inheritance of the generation. When you see the wooden slide, you will think of your childhood, there is a feeling of kindergarten.

The main representative of wooden children's outdoor play facilities is that there are many kinds of modern slides, and there are more materials.

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The wooden slide is the same as other slides, which are composed of basic components, climbing components, platforms and skates. Wooden slide main body is wood, so the production process is high, and the wood used is generally imported huangi peppers, and the wood is complex during processing, such as dehydraminated, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew Wait, then you can finely operate, and ensure the stability of the later used.

The overall styling style of the wooden slide gives people a refined feeling with exotic, full of unique style art, which is more attractive to the child. Many high-standard cells and kindergartens will choose a wooden slide. In the past, the slide is the children's toys. Now the wooden children's outdoor rides have continuously launched different shapes of wooden slide services. For different environmental volumes such as the community, parks, kindergartens. The shape is not similar, the slide is integrated with the surrounding environment. Become a unique landscape and become a characteristic logo of the park.

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Many people think that the life of the wooden slide is not as long as other slides, and in fact, the wood slide can also be used for a long time, and the life is not subjected to other slides. Wood Slide has been specially treated for wood due to production, so as long as the maintenance is taken in the future, it can be used as long as other slides. It is recommended that the wooden slide is taken to two varies per year, and the slide is not bad.

It can be seen that the above three points can be seen that the wooden slide can not only meet the needs of children, but also meet the aesthetic needs of adults, but also reflect the high quality.

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