Wushi Silk Road Rainbow Slide: Successful Application Case

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Wushi Silk Road Rainbow Slide: Successful Application Case

Wu City Silk Road Rainbow Slide is a play project on the Silk Road. This project can join the cultural land of the Silk Road to entertain the entertainment element, let visitors here can not only appreciate the cultural culture of the Silk Road. Charm, you can also enjoy some amusement projects, letting this more tourism value. In fact, the rainbow slide itself can also play the role of the surrounding landscape to the surrounding environment.

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Wushi Silk Road Rainbow Slide: Successful Application Case

Wushi Silk RoadRainbow slideIt can be a single slide or a plurality of slide combinations. Single slide can be built in a small plain area, and multiple slide combinations can be built in a wide place, or where the number of visitors can improve the ability to receive tourists. Single slide can be spliced ​​on the slope surface, if it is a plurality of slides, you can use a color every slide, then multiple strips together. The color of the rainbow slide, a lot of style, can have a variety of ways.

Wu City Silk Road Rainbow Slide has customized service in design. You can find a family manufacturer to design a better solution for the rainbow slide on the Silk Road. Now there are a lot of slide types, which can also be customized to the slide according to customer requirements, so that the slide can better serve the scenic area to achieve better amusement. For example, according to the subject design slide style, it can be a linear type, which can be a curved shape, and can also design the snowflake on the slide into different shapes, so that splicing is better. In short, it can be customized to develop rainbow slides according to elements such as natural landscapes and surroundings.

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Wushi Silk Road Rainbow Slide: Successful Application Case

The main investment part of the Rainbow slide of the Wushi Silk Road is the cost of equipment and venues, with the cost of the equipment to see the size of the investment scale. In fact, here is suitable for investment large-scale projects, one is matched with the macro history background of the Silk Road, and the venue here is wide. If the investment equipment is too small, it is not conducive to leaving the species of resources. A set of large rainbow slides around 200,000 yuan, if the operation is proper, a year can recover the cost. Site rents are relatively cheap, because they are so expensive in hillside or urban edges, no commercial land.

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