Xi'an colorful slide: beautiful and fun \"artificial lawn \"

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Xi'an colorful slide: beautiful and fun \"artificial lawn \"

Xi'an color slide can be set up in a spacious grassland, or it can be set on the hillside, and can also be installed on the mountains of the scenic spot. From a distance, it is like a rainbow hanging in the horizon, looking at it, this is a colorful \"lawn \". It can not only be a play device, but also as a decorative landscape. In the suburbs, you can form a theme park, you can use a colorful play equipment in the playground.

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Xi'an colorful slide: beautiful and fun \"artificial lawn \"

Xi'anColorful slideIt is now a multi-ranked play project in the promotion. Its business cost is not high, and the installation setup can be designed according to the actual terrain, which is very good for the environment. The quality of the colorful slide is very good. Its slope is very gentle, which is generally installed in places where the terrain floor is unlimited. This saves a certain cost, and the children are more convenient. Colorful slide is suitable for most people's experience, surrounded by guardrails, the material that makes a slide does not have sharp edges, can be assured to let the children play on it.

The color of the colorful slides in Xi'an, with the surrounding landscapes to form a very good scenery. Such a colorful slide around the city, especially in the wilderness of the wilderness, the slide covers a large area, the color is good, and the design can be integrated with the surrounding landscape, playing the role of beautifying the environment. Colorful slides can be installed in many places, and designers can customize development according to the surrounding environment, so that the slide is more suitable for the surrounding overall environment, achieving better results. The design and development of colorful slides provides new ideas for urban landscapes, and also combines amusement equipment and urban landscapes to make full use of limited urban space to achieve more functional effects.

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Xi'an colorful slide: beautiful and fun \"artificial lawn \"

The installation of the colorful slide of Xi'an is very simple, especially in the top of the terrain, can be laid directly according to the area area, and the construction speed is very fast. The material hardness and flexibility of this device are very good. You can step on it directly, or sit in the snow ring, you can experience very good, you can also achieve sports fitness, so you are particularly popular. This project can bring a new experience for the city, providing everyone with a casual and entertainment, and the whole family can play together, this is a very good playground.

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