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Playground Equipment Manufacturer Produces Safe Outdoor Classic Playground


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Rediscover the joy of timeless play in our Classic Playground where traditional games blend seamlessly with modern twists. Experience a delightful journey down memory lane as we bring back the charm of classic playground activities, reimagined for today's generation.
  • NU-JD009


Product Description

1、Classic Playground Product Information

Product Name: Playground Equipment Manufacturer Produces Safe outdoor Classic Playgrounds

Model: NU-JD009

Specification:  1110x865x420cm or customised

Color: green and customized according to project requirements

Use Of Venues: real estate showrooms, scenic spots, parks, hotels, campuses, neighborhoods, etc.

Classic Playground (4)

2、Classic Playground Product Material

The materials often used in classic playgrounds are 304 stainless steel, galvanized pipes, engineering plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, imported wood, PE boards, and so on.

Classic Playground (5)

3、Classic Playground Function Description

As a leading Playground Equipment Manufacturer, we take pride in crafting outdoor Classic Playgrounds that inspire joy and foster healthy development. Our Playground Equipment combines safety, durability, and innovative design, creating spaces where children can unleash their imagination and embrace the thrill of play.


From vibrant play structures to interactive installations, our Playground Equipment is meticulously engineered to meet the highest safety standards. We understand the importance of creating environments that encourage physical activity and social interaction. Our commitment to quality ensures that each piece of equipment is built to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play, providing years of enjoyment for children of all ages.

Case Show

Classic Playground Case-1

Classic-Playground Case (1)

Classic Playground Case-2

Classic-Playground Case (2)

Classic Playground Case-3 

Classic-Playground Case (4)

Explore our diverse range of Playground Equipment, thoughtfully designed to cater to various preferences and play styles. Whether it's climbing, sliding, or swinging, our creations offer a perfect blend of fun and safety. Join us in shaping memorable childhood experiences through our exceptional outdoor Classic Playgrounds.

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Join us in creating spaces that inspire playfulness, foster social interaction, and promote physical activity. Elevate your playground with the timeless allure of our Classic Playground series – where every moment becomes a cherished adventure.

Company Profile

4、Company Profile



The amusement equipment factory spans a vast space of 5,000 square meters, housing cutting-edge machinery and assembly lines.



The office, a playground of innovation, where the daily grind transforms into an exhilarating ride.


3)Design Team

Our innovative amusement equipment design team seamlessly blends engineers and creatives. Collaborating closely, they craft exhilarating rides that adhere to the highest safety standards.


Wenzhou Letu Play Equipment Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the playground equipment manufacturing industry, specializing in custom playground solutions. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and safety, the company has carved a niche for itself in providing diverse and engaging play options for children worldwide.

5、Production Process

Classic Playground Production Show (1)

In the intricate process of crafting a classic playground, every step is a testament to the fusion of creativity and engineering precision. It commences with an exhaustive design phase, where the contours of childhood joy are sketched with meticulous attention. Architects and play experts collaborate, merging safety standards with an imaginative flair to conceive a space that transcends mere functionality. Classic Playground Production Show (2)

Once the blueprint is perfected, the construction metamorphoses into a symphony of materials. Sturdy metals intertwine with vibrant plastics, forming the backbone of structures that withstand the test of exuberant play. Every rivet, every weld, is a silent promise of durability, ensuring the playground remains a timeless haven for generations to come.

Classic Playground Production Show (3)

The heart of this operation lies in the craftsmanship of artisans who mold the raw materials into enchanting shapes. From towering slides to intricate climbing frames, each element is a labor of love, intricately detailed to captivate the imagination. The amalgamation of form and function is a delicate dance, orchestrated by skilled hands that understand the alchemy of transforming metal and plastic into portals of childhood enchantment.

Classic Playground Production Show (4)

Quality control takes center stage as the completed structures undergo rigorous testing, affirming that every nut and bolt aligns seamlessly with safety standards. The resonance of laughter and the patter of little feet are anticipated with the assurance that these playgrounds are sanctuaries of joy, devoid of hazards.

Classic Playground Production Show (5)

Transporting these whimsical wonders to their final destinations involves a logistical ballet. Coordinated efforts ensure that the playgrounds arrive on schedule, ready to be unveiled as vibrant landscapes of unbridled fun. Installation becomes a collaborative endeavor, transforming open spaces into realms of play where the echoes of children's laughter become the soundtrack of shared happiness.

Classic Playground Production Show (6)

As the sun sets on the construction site, a classic playground emerges—a testament to the harmonious convergence of vision, craftsmanship, and dedication. It stands as an enduring tribute to the boundless spirit of childhood, inviting new generations to partake in the timeless joy of uninhibited play.

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  Wenzhou, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

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