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Let your child play more happily safer, take the lead in launch China's high quality casual amusement
Equipment, Outdoor Relie Facilities Overall Solutions Solver.
  • Outdoor play equipment 1Insist on"Science and Education Amusement, Game Learning " brand tenet is to interpret the same joy experience with both quality and creative science and education. companyWill be based on customer commercial useOverall project assessmentMarket research, ensuring that projects are in accordance with regional, market, environment, traffic, and demand requirements. According to the basic information provided by customers, develop detailed project positioning analysis, business prospect analysis

    Evaluation content:

    1,Competitive project assessment

    2,Project positioning assessment

    3,Target guest group assessment

    4,Business prospect assessment

  • Outdoor play equipment 2Our designers are selected from the selection of dimensions such as culture, audience, environment, demand.Children's activities facilitiesPut eachSite DesignA series of scenes and themesIPUnit, each subject is differentIPThe protagonist,UniqueIPThe theme facilities and the auxiliary facilities modular, from design, deepening, and production of all-process management;

    Work content:

    1,Theme culture analysis

    2,Audience group analysis

    3,Project environment analysis

    4,Target demand analysis

  • Outdoor play equipment 3Successful Outdoor Children's Paradise first determines the investment direction and project demand, our company will assist customers in conducting market research analysis, complete the precision positioning of the previous park, based on the customer's commercial use, choose the playing project and functional facilities for business positioning, Flat planning and equipment of the spatial movement, and combinationIP concept, amusement products, space environment, designers to deepen the overall layout, to build a popular overall solution, entry into successful operations,

    Work content:

    1.Project layout plan

    2.Project effect deepened

    3.Project budget list

    4.Project advantage

  • Outdoor play equipment 4Motto is a professional outdoor outdoor landscape, fun, adventure, amusement equipment manufacturer, company insisted"Help children form healthy and mature personality " guiding ideology, targeting different scenarios and different customer groups, we have a professional design team, independent individual design concept: a personalized children's play space to meet children Walking, running, jumping, balancing, voting, climbing, climbing, diamonds eight major training functions, without losing personality;Our team continues to innovate the scenic space, wisdom growth space, children's vital space, aquatic space, fun vital space, community amusement space and other children's playground scenarios.

    Our professional production team5 years of time in the world has built more than 500 influential outdoor playgrounds, which give a well-known real estate Vanke, Zhonghai, Hengda, Country Garden, and build an influential community casual amusement space.

    Work content:

    1.Product research and development design

    2.Product safety assessment

    3.Product production arrangement

    4.Product test delivery

  • Outdoor play equipment 5More than 10 professional training teams, deeply familiar with the content of EN1176 EU standards, based on standards for play equipment installation, ensuring that play equipment and playgrounds meet advanced international security standards; pay attention to installation quality, consider every detail, safe, Durable, beautiful perspective ensures the overall performance of design requirements; do dozens of outdoor play equipment, combined slides, stainless steel slides, water rides, etc.

    Work content:

    1.Material site effect

    2.Install connection ground coverage

    3.Safety check garbage disposal

    4.Site acceptance transfer counseling

  • Outdoor play equipment 6The company has a professional after-sales service team to ensure that every customer can be guaranteed, providing customers with business management, equipment inspection, venue security, providing all-round training services, continuous improvementOutdoor non-powerful play equipmentProducts, improve customer satisfaction, and improve customer experience

    Work content

    1.Quality complaint

    2.Business management training

    3.Equipment inspection training

    4.Space safety training

Outdoor non-powerful play equipment
Strength manufacturer
10,000 square production base
Combination slide
Quality worry-free
Industry experience over 15 years
Stainless steel slide
R & D process
Excellent production technology at home and abroad
Non-standard travel equipment _ non-standard travel equipment _ non-standard travel equipment _ non-standard travel equipment
High quality
Good market, network operation mode system management
Enthusunciation equipment_ ignorant amusement equipment_ ignorant amusement equipment_ ignorant amusement equipment
creative design
Top creative design team
Outdoor Amusement Equipment_Outdoor Amusement Equipment_Outdoor Amusement Equipment_Outdoor Amusement Equipment
Executive manufacturers direct supply equipment without middlemen

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Non-standard custom amusement equipment - create creative, exciting playground


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