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Playground Sinks, Playground Sink Factory


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As a premier Playground Sink Supplier and Manufacturer, we excel in delivering safe, easy-to-clean solutions tailored for kids. Our sinks boast superior durability against the elements, making them ideal for playground settings.
  • NU-SS012


Product Description



Product Name

kids playground sinks






Stainless steel 3 0 4

Application Sites

schools, cultural centers, scenic spots, communities, etc.

playground sink (2)

As a leading playground sink manufacturer and supplier,we specialize in crafting durable and functional playground sinks designed to enhance outdoor play areas.

playground sink (1)

Our playground sink products are made with high-quality materials to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

playground sink (3)

We understand the importance of hygiene and convenience in recreational spaces,which is why our sinks are engineered for easy maintenance and accessibility, catering to both children and adults. 

playground sink (4)

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Case Show

Water Play Elements (2)

As a dedicated playground sink supplier, we ensure each fixture combines durability with a playful aesthetic, fitting perfectly within the outdoor environment.

Water Play Elements (17)

Our focus on excellence means every playground sink is built to endure the rigors of daily use, promoting a good play setting.

Water playground (9)

Production Detail


Our playground sink manufacturers start with innovative designs tailored for outdoor use, ensuring durability and functionality.

Water Playground (4)

Material Selection:

High-quality materials are chosen to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining the longevity of the playground sinks.

Water Playground (6)


Precision machinery is used to craft each playground sink, adhering to strict quality standards set by our playground sink suppliers.

Water Playground (7)

Quality Control:

Rigorous testing and inspection ensure every playground sink meets our high-quality requirements before reaching our customers.

Water Playground (10)


1.What are the key features of playground sinks designed by your company as a playground sink supplier and manufacturer?

As a leading manufacturer,our products are constructed with high-quality,durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.They are designed with safety in mind,featuring rounded edges and non-slip surfaces. Additionally, our playground sinks are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring standards are met at all times.

2.Can you customize playground sinks according to our specific requirements as a playground sink supplier?

Absolutely! As a professional supplier, we understand that each playground has unique needs.We offer customization services, allowing you to choose the size, color, and additional features to tailor the playground sink to your exact specifications.

3.How do I ensure the longevity of my playground sinks after installation?

To prolong the life of your product, regular maintenance is essential. This includes daily cleaning with appropriate detergents,periodic inspection for any damage or wear,and immediate repair or replacement of any faulty components. 

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Mr. Xu
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  Wenzhou, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

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